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Dip Demons

I was contacted by Jared – the owner of Dip Demons – on Facebook. He wanted a complete revamp of his website – after all, it was designed usin Wix free website builder system.
This project took a lot of time on my end as I needed to study his business and see exactly what he wants. I had a look on his car paints / alloys dipped in hydropgraphics and I realised I need to bring my A game.

After a few weeks I showed to Jared a draft of the website and he just loved it – he didn’t want to change anything on it. Went ahead and added all his hydro films and also uploaded a few of his picture to his portfolio. After a month the final website was ready and he was more than happy with the end result.

You can have a look at the website here – also, if you ever want your car to turn heads, he’s your guy !