Web Design Dublin

Web Design Dublin

Webdesign – I’m not going to talk any geek terms, but websites are pretty much into two categories: Static content and Dynamic content. Static content is the kind of website I would do for a restaurant, for a beauty saloon, for a company – it’s that kind of website that once it’s done, it wont need daily / weekly maintenance. Dynamic content on the other side, is the kind of website that has content that is changing all the times – pretty much a very busy website or an online store (online shop)

Like I said, I wont talk any geek terms, so here are the quotes for web design dublin:
Static website – presentation website – suitable for a small company. It’s the kind of website where you have few pages on it like Home, About us, Services, Prices, Contact or even a photo gallery. The price for this kind of a website is €300.00*

Dynamic website – suitable for companies that have to update/maintain the website all the time or for online stores. The price for this kind of website is €500.00*

Here’s the geek terms for web design dublin
1 – All the websites I designed have the domain name and UNLIMITED hosting included for free for the first year.
2 – Webhosting after the first year is charged €50.00 yearly
3 – The domain name will also be charged after the first year. Depending on the domain name (.com, .net, .org, .ie) prices may vary between €15.00 and €35.00
4 – The prices for the Static and Dynamic websites are not fixed. It all depends on the amount of hours I have to work for your website. I will do my best to keep the price at €300 or €500 – depending on which one you will need.
5 – I do not charge any money in advance for a website. After our meeting, if you like the draft I have made for you, I will require a 20% deposit and the rest of the moneys will be paid once the website is finished.

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